Just like in many other European countries, Hungary is also centralized by it's capital city both socially and demographically.
Mainly the young generation choose to move to Budapest leaving their hometown behind due to the lack of job opportunities in the countryside.

31 years old Eszter Reichert has chosen the opposite direction: After 10 years of living in Budapest, she moved back to her small native hometown, Dunavecse in Spring 2021, which is located apprx. 100 kilometers from Budapest. She is determined to pursue her future at her family’s agriculture and develop her own local business.
After she moved back to her hometown, Eszter bought a 100 years old ruined house, which she still renovates with her family, while also helps to her parents on their 3 acres field. The Reichert family grow among others hundreds of kilograms of potatoes, betroots, garlics, that they sell in Budapest’s biggest market four times a week. Altough this type of agriculture work challenges the young woman psychically sometimes, she could finally found a great balance between work she is familiar with and her hobbies she is passionate about.
Right next to the Reichert family’s land the local herder, Laci use to shepherd his sheeps on his field every day, that motivates Eszter’s artistic interest of folklorism very much. While Eszter’s house is under renovation till Summer 2022, she sleeps at her parent’s home and practices massage in the bedroom with her friends, those who still visit her from Budapest, since she wants to work as masseur in the small town after she completes a masseur training.
Eszter is passionate about analogue photography, hence she spends her free time to photograph the local rapefields and boondocks with her old medium format Zeiss camera.
When the temperature rises, she swims in the nearby dead-end channel of Danube River. Since Eszter considers herself a pacifist person, thus nature has a significant role in her life, just as to identify herself with it.

Although Eszter left her intensive underground social life in Budapest, she finally found her own place not just at her homeland, but also in the peaceful nature after all.
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